InSPIRE Rackham interdisciplinary workshop

The InSPIRE student group brings together graduate students across diverse programs, including Public Policy, Engineering, Environment and Sustainability, Public Health, and many more, to broaden their understanding of a wide range of contemporary science and technology policy issues.

All STPP students are automatically members of InSPIRE, and have the opportunity to participate in activities including writing workshops, alumni webinars, movie nights, and memo writing competitions. 

InSPIRE is a Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop, and operates with generous support from the Rackham Graduate School. 

Current InSPIRE co-leads are Olivia David, doctoral student in environmental policy & justice ([email protected]), and Ariana Haidari, doctoral student in environmental health sciences, ([email protected]).

Student Speaker

Former InSPIRE co-leads Jackson Voss, MPP, and Lindsey Michocki, Ph.D. candidate in physical chemistry, facilitate a Q&A at an STPP lecture.