STPP listens to and learns from communities. Then, we provide tools to engage in technical and policy advocacy. In our horizon scanning work, we keep an eye on news reports, scholarly research, and policy developments related to new and emerging technologies, and assess the implications that new tech might have for our partners.

License plate reader

Automated License Plate Readers: Legal and Policy Evaluation

Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) are a surveillance technology that can alert law enforcement about vehicle locations in real-time or provide information on past movements. In recent years, growing numbers of public and private entities have begun using ALPRs, moving some communities to implement policies aimed at limiting the potential damage posed by the technology. This memo analyzes legal and policy concerns related to the technology.
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Acoustic Gunshot Detection Systems

Acoustic gun detection systems (AGDS) such as ShotSpotter are a law enforcement technology designed to detect gunshot sounds and notify police of the event and location in close to real time. The technology’s accuracy, effectiveness, cost, and systemic biases raise serious concerns. Communities concerned with local law enforcement’s purchase and deployment of AGDS can advocate for a variety of policy responses including: a ban, moratorium, community oversight, or technology assessment & deliberative democracy.
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