Approved electives

The following courses fulfill elective requirements and are currently approved by the STPP Program.

Elective approval process

With the exception of new courses, on rare occasions, we will approve a graduate course (≥ 500 level) not on the approved electives list to fulfill elective credit. Non-listed courses will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis. To obtain course approval, submit the STPP Elective Approval Form

STPP electives must include content directly related to the study of science or technology policy as well as student assessment (e.g. exams, written papers, oral presentations, etc.). Attendance only courses (e.g., seminars or journal clubs that do not require student assessment) will not be approved.

Course Term Offered



  • Number


    # ARCH 507 (EAS 605, BA 605)

    Green Development

    ARCH 531

    American Space

    URP 561

    Transportation and Public Policy

    URP 573

    Infrastructure Planning in the US & Developing Countries

    ## URP 580

    Metropolitan Structure

    URP 595

    Public-Private Partnerships - Financing Equitable Development

    URP 610.004

    Energy Planning

# Technical Prerequisite may apply.  Contact professor for details

## Limited space available; may need instructor's permission

^ 2.25 credit courses

* 1.5 or 2 credit course offered over a 7-week period

** A graduate-level non-law student who wishes to take a class at the Law School should consult directly with the professor teaching that class to make sure he or she has the requisite background.

The student should then fill out an External Enrollment form requesting permission from the administration to enroll for the course. This form is available on-line.  Go to; click on Current Students; click on Office of the Registrar; click on Registration; click on External Enrollment; log in; click on the link to the form.

Assuming there is room in the class once all law students have had a chance to enroll for the course, the Registrar's Office will grant the request, notify the student, and create an electronic permission (in other words, an override) in Wolverine Access to enable them to enroll.