Previous electives

These courses are no longer being offered, but will still count as STPP electives for students who have already taken them. 

Previous electives

    Number Title
    ARCH 505 Zero Net Emission Building
    ARCH 531 Networked Cities
    NRE 567 Transportation Energy and Climate Policy
    Law 704/1** Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Policy: Business and Regulatory Issues
    UD 729 The Sustainable City: Design, Planning, and Development
    UP 537 Housing Policy and Economics
    UP 610 ## Fiscal Planning and Management
    UP 671 Transportation and Public Policy
    URP 560 Transportation and Land Use Planning


    Number Title
    AAS 443 (WGS 443) Pedagogy of Empowerment: Activism of Race, Gender, and Health
    ANTHRCUL 408 Maternal/Child Health and Environmental Pollution in Africa
    ANTHRCUL 628-001 Bio-Art International: Biotechnology, Genetics, and Contemporary Art
    EPID 626 Epidemiology, Health Services and Policy
    EPID 663 Health, Evidence and Human Rights
    HMP 517 Issues in Public Health Genetics
    HMP 618 Tobacco: From Seedling to Social Policy
    HMP 645 Seminar in Leadership for Changing American Healthcare
    HMP 684 The Politics of Health Services Policy
    HMP 695 Public Health Policy Issues in Women’s Health Information Law
    HMP 702 Reducing Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities
    PUBPOL 759 Genetics and Biotechnology Policy
    PUBPOL 768 Efforts at Health Care Reform in the U.S.
    SI 654/HMP 649 Critical Policy Issues in Health IT
    SOC 575 Sociology of Health and Aging
    WOMENSTD 400 Women’s Reproductive Health


    Number Title
    BIT 646 (ES646) ^ Solving Societal Problems Through Enterprise and Innovation
    ENGR 521 Clean Tech Entrepreneurship
    Law 704/1** Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Policy: Business and Regulatory Issues


    Number Title
    EAS 501.025 Science and Management of the Great Lakes
    EAS 501.062 Grand Challenges Sustain Development
    EAS 555 Climate and Development: Impacts, Mitigation, and Adaptation in Less Developed Countries
    EAS 563 International Environmental Policy
    EAS 566 Public Opinion and the Environment
    EAS 569 Stakeholder Network Analysis
    EAS 580 Sustainable Transportation
    EAS 677.060 Indigenous Peoples and Climate Justice
    ESENG 567 Energy Infrastructure Systems
    **Law 666 Climate Change & the Law: The Legal Response to a Rapidly Warming Planet
    **Law 761 Water Law
    **Law 771 How to Save the Planet
    NRE 510 Environmental Decision-making and Governance
    NRE 559 International Environmental Policy and Law
    NRE 576 Ecological Design Approaches to Brownfield Redevelopment
    NRE 596 (AAS 596) The History of Environmental Thought and Activism
    PUBPOL 563 Politics of Environmental Regulation
    PUBPOL 594 (NRE 575) Thinking Analytically for Policy and Decisions
    PUBPOL 653 Global Environmental Governance
    PUBPOL 655 Energy in World Politics
    PUBPOL 750-006 Renewable Energy Policy at the State & Local Level
    UP 532 Sustainable Development: Resolving Economic and Environmental Conflicts


    Number Title
    ANTHRCUL 625 Anthropological Approaches to Property Rights
    CHE 588 (BIOMEDE 588) #* Global Quality Systems and Regulatory Innovation
    CHE 597 (PHARM 597) * Regulatory Issues for Scientists, Engineers, and Managers
    COMPLXSYS 501 An Introduction to Complex Systems
    EDUC 422 Teaching of Science in Secondary Schools
    EDUC 661 History of Postsecondary Education
    IOE 522 Theories of Administration
    PUBPOL 564 Government Regulation of Industry and Environment
    PUBPOL 654 Science, Technology, and International Affairs
    PUBPOL 656 Technology and Development Policy
    PUBPOL 658 Innovation Policy
    PUBPOL 668 Topics: Emerging Science, Emerging Policy
    PUBPOL 673 International Security Affairs
    PUBPOL 750-002 The Future of the American Public Research University
    PUBPOL 754 Research Seminar in Science, Tech, and Public Policy
    PUBPOL 757 National Science Policy
    SI 719 Knowledge/Power/Practice in Science, Technology, and Medicine


    Number Title
    HMP 696 Advanced Topics in Health Informatics
    PUBPOL 750-004 Topics: Cybersecurity for Future Leaders
    PUBPOL 750-301 Topics: Cyber Conflict
    SI 519 (PUBPOL 688) Intellectual Property and Information Law
    SI 523 Information and Control
    SI 540 Privacy in Information Technology
    SI 541/741(HISTORY 698) Knowledge and Information Infrastructures
    SI 545 Information Technology and Development: Contemporary Issues
    SI 550 Seminar in Information Policy: Regulation and Politics
    SI 579 Government Information—Issues, Resources, and Policy
    SI 589 History of Computers and the Internet
    SI 645 Information Use in Communities
    SI 648/748 Info Culture: Theory and Method in the History and Sociology of Information Technology
    SI 657/757 Information Technology and International Development
    SI 710 Special Topics: Tech Labor, Entrepreneurial Life, & Precarious Creativity
    SI 768 Seminar in Information Policy: Regulation and Politics