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Detroit Action is a union of Black and Brown, low and no-income, homeless and housing insecure Detroiter fighting for housing and economic justice. Our organization is a grassroots and member-led, multigenerational, community-based organization fighting for real political power.

Detroit Action provides opportunities for individuals and families to develop as full human beings through our leadership development workshops, organizer internships, nonpartisan voter education and mobilization drives, direct action, and collaboration with allied organizations locally, statewide, nationally, and even internationally.
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In support of tenants' rights, STPP researched and wrote a policy memo about popular tenant screening algorithms which can be unreliable and discriminatory, disproportionately preventing individuals from vulnerable communities from receiving fair access to housing. Policy recommendations to counter these issues include: removing criminal history from screening reports, restricting inclusion of landlord-tenant disputes to recent history, requiring transparency to empower tenants to dispute inaccuracies, and increasing research on the discriminatory effects of screening tools.

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Policy Brief

Tenant screening algorithms are a form of technology intended to provide quick and reliable background checks of potential tenants for landlords and management companies. However, because of a high stakes rental market, the use of these tools may further restrict access for populations who already face housing challenges related to affordability and limited supply.
Tenant Screening Algorithms: Policy Intervention
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Student Researcher

Annabella Vidrio

BA Gender & Health, BFA Dance
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