Artificial Intelligence Hiring Technology and Disability Discrimination

November 22, 2023
Jared Katzman

Employers are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to make hiring decisions. These data driven tools, also referred to as predictive/algorithmic hiring or machine learning (ML), are used across the hiring pipeline to filter resumes, categorize applicants according to personality traits, and evaluate video interview performance.

Since these software tools are trained on historical data, they will likely reflect the industry’s systemic biases, and there is a huge risk that employers will perpetuate discrimination against People with Disabilities by using these new technologies.

There are actions policy makers can be take to protect People with Disabilities from hiring discrimination and to improve the safety and trustworthiness of employers looking to use emerging technologies such as AI.

By: Jared Katzman, School of Information, Ph.D. ‘26

Community Partner: Detroit Disability Power