Faculty affiliates

Aditi Verma

Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Aditi Verma is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at the University of Michigan. Aditi is broadly interested in how energy technologies specifically and complex systems broadly—and their institutional infrastructures—can be designed in
more just, equitable, and participatory ways that are epistemically inclusive of both lay and expert perspectives. To this end, her work is focused on developing a more fundamental understanding of the early stages of the design process to improve design practice and pedagogy, and also improve the tools with which designers of complex sociotechnical systems work.

She was previously a Stanton Nuclear Security Postdoctoral Fellow at the Belfer Center Project on Managing the Atom and the International Security Program. Prior to her appointment at the Belfer Center, Aditi worked at the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, where her work, endorsed and funded by
policymakers from the NEA member countries, focused on bringing epistemologies from the humanities and social sciences to academic and practitioner nuclear engineering, thus broadening their epistemic core.

Aditi holds undergraduate and doctoral degrees in Nuclear Science and Engineering from MIT. Her work, authored for academic as well as policymaking audiences, has been published in Nuclear Engineering and
, Nature, Nuclear Technology, Issues in Science and Technology, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and Inkstick.