Graduate Certificate Program

Approved Electives:

The STPP Program has identified and approved a set of electives that are intended to enable students to explore science, technology and public policy issues specific to their personal interests and professional development. We selected these courses on the basis of their relevance to science and technology policy studies and rigor. They are available across multiple schools and colleges, and we encourage students to take advantage of this breadth of offerings.

Approved Electives list

The following courses fulfill elective requirements and are currently approved by the STPP Program.

Course Term Offered

Both Fall & Winter

Architecture and Urban Planning Policy
Number Title
# ARCH 507 (NRE 605, BA 605) Green Development
ARCH 531 Networked Cities
UP 527 Infrastructure Planning in the US & Developing Countries
## UP 575 Metropolitan Structure
Transportation Policy
Number Title
UP 572 Transportation and Land Use Planning
UP 671 Public Policy and Transportation
Business Policy
Number Title
^* BE 518 Business of Biology
STRATEGY 630 (TO 630) New Age of Innovation
ENGR 521 Clean Tech Entrepreneurship
Energy and Environmental Policy
Number Title
^ EHS 504 Genes and the Environment
ESENG 501 (CEE 565) Seminars on Energy Systems Technology and Policy
** Law 634 Great Lakes Law & Policy
** Law 666 Climate Change and the Law: The Legal Response to a Rapidly Warming Planet
** Law 679 Environmental Law and Policy
** Law 791 Environmental Crimes
# NRE 480 (AOSS 480) Climate Change: The Move to Action
NRE 501.046 Science and Management of the Great Lakes
* NRE 501.056 Stakeholder Network Analysis
* NRE 501.060 Environmental Regulation
* NRE 501.123 Conservation and Development
NRE 514 (EHS 527) Environmental Assessment
NRE 523 Ecological Risk Assessment
NRE 527 (BE 527) Energy Markets and Energy Politics
NRE 550 (STRATEGY 566) Systems Thinking for Sustainable Development
NRE 555 Climate and Development: Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation in Less Developed Countries
NRE 563 International Environmental Policy
NRE 566 Public Opinion and the Environment
NRE 574 (PUBPOL 519) Sustainable Energy Systems
NRE 577 Political Ecology, Environmental Security and Conflict
NRE 668 (ECON 661) Advanced Natural Resource Economics
* NRE 677.041 Climate Change Adaptation
PUBPOL 750 (ENVIRON 462) Psychology of Climate Change
PUBPOL 750-009 Topics: Environmental Psychology for Public Policy
STRATEGY 564 (NRE 513) Strategies for Sustainable Development I: Competitive Environmental Strategy
STRATEGY 565 Strategies for Sustainable Development II: Managing Social Issues
Health/Biotechnology/Medicine Policy
Number Title
AAS 443 (WOMENSTD 443) Pedagogy of Empowerment: Activism in Race, Gender, and Health
ANTHRCUL 548 Theory and Practice in Medical Anthropology
ANTHRCUL 628-001 Bio-Art International: Biotechnology, Genetics, and Contemporary Art
^ EHS 504 Genes and the Environment
EHS 602 Environmental Health Policy
EHS 608 (EPID 608) Environmental Epidemiology
EPID 626 Epidemiology, Health Services & Policy
HBEHED 662 Risk Communication: Theory, Techniques, and Applications in Health
HMP 517 Issues in Public Health Genetics
HMP 615 Introduction to Public Health Policy
HMP 624 Health Policy Challenges in Developing Countries
HMP 625 Comparative Health Policy and Management in High Income Countries
HMP 626 Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Health Policy
HMP 633 Health Insurance in America. How Did We Get Into This Mess? How Do We Get Out?
HMP 645 Seminar in Leadership for Changing American Healthcare
# HMP 649 Critical Policy Issues in Health IT
HMP 653 Law and Public Health
HMP 684 The Politics of Health Services Policy
HMP 685 The Politics of Public Health Policy
HMP 693 Mental Health Policy in the United States
LHS 621 Implementation Science in Health I
PUBPOL 750-306 Topics: Public Policy Approaches to Social Disparities in Health
General Science and Technology Policy
Number Title
ANTHRCUL 625 Anthropological Approaches to Property Rights
#* CHE 588 (BIOMEDE 588) Global Quality Systems and Regulatory Innovation
* CHE 597 (PHARM 597) Regulatory Issues for Scientists, Engineers, and Managers
EDUC 661 History of Postsecondary Education
HISTORY 619 Knowledge/Power/Practice in Science, Technology, and Medicine
NRE 501.087 Technology and Community Sustainable Development
Information/Communication Technology Policy
Number Title
** LAW 711 Law of the Internet
PUBPOL 750-301 Topics: Cyber Conflict
SI 507 Foundations of Information Policy Analysis and Design
SI 519 (PUBPOL 688) Intellectual Property and Information Law
SI 523 Information and Control
SI 549 (EDUC 601) Transformative Learning and Teaching with Technology
SI 654 (HMP 649) Critical Policy Issues in Health IT
Space Policy
Number Title
AOSS 581 (AEROSP 581) Space Policy and Management

# Technical Prerequisite may apply.  Contact professor for details

## Limited space available; may need instructor's permission

^ 2.25 credit courses

* 1.5 or 2 credit course offered over a 7-week period

** A graduate-level non-law student who wishes to take a class at the Law School should consult directly with the professor teaching that class to make sure he or she has the requisite background.

The student should then fill out an External Enrollment form requesting permission from the administration to enroll for the course. This form is available on-line.  Go to; click on Current Students; click on Office of the Registrar; click on Registration; click on External Enrollment; log in; click on the link to the form.

Assuming there is room in the class once all law students have had a chance to enroll for the course, the Registrar's Office will grant the request, notify the student, and create an electronic permission (in other words, an override) in Wolverine Access to enable him or her to enroll.

Elective approval process:

On rare occasions, we will approve a graduate course (≥ 500 level) not on the approved electives list to fulfill elective credit. All electives must be pre-approved by the Program administration before enrollment in the course. Non-listed courses will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis. To obtain course approval, submit the following STPP Elective Approval Form and course syllabus to the Program Manager. You may also schedule an advising appointment for elective course approval.

Note: STPP electives must include content directly related to the study of science or technology policy as well as student assessment (e.g. exams, written papers, oral presentations, etc.). Attendance only courses (e.g., seminars or journal clubs that do not require student assessment) will not be approved.

Elective Approval Form (to be submitted along with course syllabus)

Fill out the elective approval form online (close the window to return to this page).