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AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships: Application deadlines approaching!

The online application system opened 1 September 2011 with an application deadline of 5 December 2011.

AAAS offers fellowships in five programmatic areas:

1. Congressional – Spend a year on Capitol Hill helping to research, develop and draft legislation and provide input to policy review and oversight.
2. Diplomacy, Security& Development – Infuse scientific and technical expertise into policy development and program planning, implementation and evaluation
3. Energy, Environment & Agriculture - Engage in relevant projects, policies, risk assessment, evaluation, and outreach initiatives
4. Health, Education & Human Services – Support improved programs, policies, planning, risk analysis, regulation, monitoring and evaluation for a broad range of related initiatives
5. Roger Revelle Fellowship in Global Stewardship – Strengthen understanding of the intricacies of environmental policymaking and make practical contributions to the more effective use of scientific and technical knowledge in federal decision-making.

*Applicants must hold a doctoral level degree by the application deadline


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