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Bob Axelrod will receive the Johan Skytte Prize

Congratulations to Bob Axelrod who will the prestigious Johan Skytte Prize to recognize his path setting work in cooperation. The Skytte Prize in political science is an international award bestowed annually by Uppsala University, the oldest university in Sweden, for “the most valuable contribution in political science.”

Johan Skytte, a scholar and diplomat, established an ……

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“Fracktopia” Listen and learn more about fracking

Is fracking a new technology? Why are people concerned that it might harm their drinking water? What are the economic benefits, both locally and globally? What are the impacts of shale/gas development? Learn more about fracking by listening/viewing/reading the documentary “Fracktopia.”

Congratulations to Nicole Casal Moore (STPP student) for her lead on the stories.

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Representative John Dingell discusses science policy at InSPIRE symposium on April 4th

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