Graduate Certificate Program

Previously Approved Electives:

Architecture and Urban Planning Policy
Number Title
ARCH 505 Zero Net Emission Building
UD 729 The Sustainable City: Design, Planning and Development
UP 537 Housing Policy and Economics
## UP 610 Fiscal Planning and Management

Transportation Policy
Number Title
NRE 567 Transportation Energy and Climate Policy
Business Policy
Number Title
^ BIT 646 (ES646) Solving Societal Problems Through Enterprise and Innovation
Energy and Environmental Policy
Number Title
ESENG 567 Energy Infrastructure Systems
**Law 761 Water Law
**Law 771 How to Save the Planet
NRE 510 Environmental Decision-making and Governance
NRE 558 (CEE 587) Water Resource Policy
NRE 559 International Environmental Policy and Law
NRE 576 Ecological Design Approaches to Brownfield Redevelopment
NRE 596 (AAS 596) The History of Environmental Thought and Activism
PUBPOL 563 Politics of Environmental Regulation
PUBPOL 594 (NRE 575) Thinking Analytically for Policy and Decisions
PUBPOL 653 Global Environmental Governance
PUBPOL 655 Energy in World Politics
UP 532 Sustainable Development: Resolving Economic and Environmental Conflicts
Health/Biotechnology/Medicine Policy
Number Title
ANTHRCUL 408 Maternal/Child Health and Environmental Pollution in Africa
EPID 626 Epidemiology, Health Services and Policy
EPID 663 Health, Evidence and Human Rights
HMP 618 Tobacco: From Seedling to Social Policy
HMP 695 Public Health Policy Issues in Women’s Health Information Law
HMP 702 Reducing Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities
PUBPOL 759 Genetics and Biotechnology Policy
PUBPOL 768 Efforts at Health Care Reform in the U.S.
SOC 575 Sociology of Health and Aging
WOMENSTD 400 Women’s Reproductive Health
General Science and Technology Policy
Number Title
COMPLXSYS 501 An Introduction to Complex Systems
EDUC 422 Teaching of Science in Secondary Schools
IOE 522 Theories of Administration
PUBPOL 564 Government Regulation of Industry and Environment
PUBPOL 654 Science, Technology, and International Affairs
PUBPOL 656 Technology and Development Policy
PUBPOL 658 Innovation Policy
PUBPOL 668 Topics: Emerging Science, Emerging Policy
PUBPOL 673 International Security Affairs
PUBPOL 750-002 The Future of the American Public Research University
PUBPOL 757 National Science Policy
Information/Communication Technology Policy
Number Title
SI 519 (PUBPOL 688) Intellectual Property and Information Law
SI 541/741(HISTORY 698) Knowledge and Information Infrastructures
SI 545 Information Technology and Development: Contemporary Issues
SI 550 Seminar in Information Policy: Regulation and Politics
SI 579 Government Information—Issues, Resources, and Policy
SI 645 Information Use in Communities
SI 648/748 Info Culture: Theory and Method in the History and Sociology of Information Technology
SI 657/757 Information Technology and International Development
SI 589 History of Computers and the Internet
HMP 696 Advanced Topics in Health Informatics
SI 768 Seminar in Information Policy: Regulation and Politics

# Technical Prerequisite may apply.  Contact professor for details

## Limited space available; may need instructor's permission

^ 2.25 credit courses

* 1.5 or 2 credit course offered over a 7-week period

** A graduate-level non-law student who wishes to take a class at the Law School should consult directly with the professor
teaching that class to make sure he or she has the requisite background.

The student should then fill out an External Enrollment form requesting permission from the administration to enroll for the
course. This form is available on-line.  Go to; click on Current Students; click on Office of the Registrar;
click on Registration; click on External Enrollment; log in; click on the link to the form.

Assuming there is room in the class once all law students have had a chance to enroll for the course, the Registrar's Office
will grant the request, notify the student, and create an electronic permission (in other words, an override) in Wolverine
Access to enable him or her to enroll.

Elective approval process:

On rare occasions, we will approve a graduate course (≥ 500 level) not on the approved electives list to fulfill elective credit. All electives must be pre-approved by the Program administration before enrollment in the course. Non-listed courses will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis. To obtain course approval, submit the STPP Elective Approval Form and course syllabus (URL or file) to the Program Manager. You may also schedule an advising appointment for elective course approval.

Note: STPP electives must include content directly related to the study of science or technology policy as well as student assessment (e.g. exams, written papers, oral presentations, etc.). Attendance only courses (e.g., seminars or journal clubs that do not require student assessment) will not be approved.

Elective Approval Form (to be submitted along with course syllabus)

Subject and Course Number (e.g. PUBPOL999):
Course Title:
Course Credit Hours:
Course Description:
What semester will you take this course?

Address the following questions (in no more than 400 words): Why should this course be approved as a STPP elective? How is this course relevant to science and technology policy issues? How does this course enhance your STPP training in particular? Are there any approved electives that are similar to this course (and if so, why is this course a better option for you)?